The lawyer, the spokeswoman and Daniel Sancho himself deny Big Joke: why is the Thai policeman lying?

Confusion and indignation after the latest statements by the number two of the Thai police and responsible for the investigation of the crime of Edwin Arrieta. Big Joke has revealed this Tuesday that Daniel Sancho does not spend the night in the Koh Samui prison, but rather he is transferred to these facilities to be interrogated and receive a visit from his mother. “That’s impossible”said the Thai lawyer for Rodolfo Sancho’s son.

“He does not take a ferry or go anywhere. Daniel has been in the Koh Samui prison since day one. This information is disconcerting to me,” he said bluntly. Khun Anan. The family’s spokesperson in Spain, Carmen Balfagón, added: “It can’t be. This morning, Rodolfo Sancho has spoken with his son and Daniel has been telling him about his day-to-day life in Koh Samui. It’s just that it’s unthinkable that neither his lawyer nor his family knew where Daniel is, and it’s unthinkable that a man accused of murder is up and down all day. Can you imagine that something happens to him in one of the transfers? It’s just that it can not be”.

Theories about a mistranslation of Big Joke’s words have been quickly dismissed by fellow Code 10who have obtained Big Joke’s statements: “He says it in English, for four minutes he explains to us how Daniel moves daily. The reporter, surprised, asks him up to six times and he always answers the same: that Daniel is not in Koh Samui”.

A joke or a confusion?

The surprise is unanimous: why does Big Joke lie about the whereabouts of a Spanish citizen who has not yet been tried? Khun Anan is clear: “It could be a joke, after all they call it Big Joke”. And he adds: “Maybe he wants to mislead because so many media bother him at the door of Koh Samui.”

The Spanish reporters who know the area contribute new theories: “Perhaps he is referring to the fact that the Koh Samui jail has several wards and each one has a different name. Daniel sleeps in the hospital ward and is transferred from there for visits, for interrogations, for meals… Perhaps each ward has a name and that is what Big Joke refers to.”