Rosalía and her great business movement after the notorious break with Rauw Alejandro

It is already a reality. The summer of 2023 is debunking the myth of romantic love. Proof of this, the celebrities who have decided to end their relationship in the middle of the summer season. At the end of june, Little one y Albert Rivera they fired the starting gun. Later, they joined the single life Ariana Grande y Dalton Gómezas well as Bella Hadid y Mark Kalman.

When it seemed that the waters had calmed down, social networks were flooded with controversy upon learning of the most notorious breakup of 2023: Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro put an end to three years of courtship on July 25.

the american medium People He was in charge of filtering the break. Since then, the hypotheses and rumors about the reason for the goodbye between the Spanish pop diva and the interpreter of Everything about you They grow at a dizzying rate. In the face of constant uproar, Rauw quietly worked on her new song, Hayami Hanaan ode full of love dedicated to Rosalía.

Far from generating a solid reaction, the Catalan singer chooses silence as an answer. Rosalía, who has been hogging the spotlight since 2018, turns each of her letters into gold. Part of her success is reflected in the company Motomami SL, an entity that she created together with her mother in 2019. Two years after her birth, in 2021, the company closed the billing year with 2,620,000 euro.

Now, that the Catalan has decided to end her relationship with Rauw Alejandro, the artist’s family environment has opted to reduce the company’s share capital by 5,000 euros. Proof of this, on August 3, the movement became effective, leaving 25,000 euros as the resulting amount.

The dates coincide, but it is unknown if this business movement is a consequence of his break with Rauw. Currently, Rosalía rests from the hustle and bustle of the stage. On July 22, the interpreter of Say my name closed the curtain in Paris on what has been his greatest professional achievement for more than a year: his eternal album Motomami.