Fantasy Football Awards

For most leagues, fantasy football is over by Week 17. Some leagues will finish through the regular season though. If that is the case, we apologize for jumping the gun. However, in most cases, we can look back and relish our championships or ponder what we could have done differently to contend for the playoffs. 

Even though fantasy football doesn’t give our postseason rewards, it should. With that said, here are the awards for the 2020 fantasy football season. 

Fantasy Football Awards

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Biggest Bust: Christian McCaffery, Carolina Panthers

Did you or a friend take McCaffery with the No. 1 overall pick? Did that team make the playoffs? In a lot of leagues, that wasn’t the case. McCaffery was a guaranteed top-two pick in most drafts. In 2019, he led all fantasy scorers with 448.4 points. It would have been silly to defy platforms like PA Sports Betting and let him slide to No. 3 in the draft. However, looking back, letting him fall out of the top-10 would have been better for most teams. 

Nagging injuries hampered his 2020 season. McCaffery played in just three games this season. When he played, he scored five touchdowns and 90.4 total fantasy points. Next year, he will be in the discussion for a top-5 pick once again. Unfortunately, 2020 was not his year. 

Biggest Steal: James Robinson, Jacksonville Jaguars

Robinson was a steak because most leagues didn’t draft him. He was picked up off the waiver wire after the first week of the season. Nobody expected any running back in Jacksonville to produce after the team moved on from Leonard Fournette. 

Those who took a chance on Robinson fared well. The former undrafted free agent finished with 250.4  fantasy points. He was the 13th-highest scoring player among skill positions. For a guy that was picked up for fantasy depth, he was a contender to be played as an RB1 or RB2 each week. Robinson might be the only player that most average NFL fans could name off the 1-14 Jaguars. 

Most Valuable Player; Stefon Diggs, Buffalo Bills

In Minnesota, Diggs was treated like foreign NFL players. He was seen as a disruption to the Vikings. That’s why the team traded him to the Bills. In reality, Diggs wanted to feel valued and paid like a top receiver. The trade worked out very well for Josh Allen and the rest of the Bills’ offense. Through 15 games, Diggs has 1,458 receiving yards and eight touchdowns. 

Along with his career-high in receiving yards, he has a career-high in 120 receptions. What’s indicative of Kirk Cousins is that this is the second time Diggs has secured over 150 targets in a season. The difference is that Diggs has more than 400 receiving yards compared to that time. Needless to say, not only would the Bills be in a prime position to make a Super Bowl run, but most fantasy football teams would not have made a run either without him.


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