The Extremadura UD staff has called off the strike that it was maintaining due to non-payment of payrolls on Thursday after the Almendralejo club has made the statement official announcing the agreement reached with the staff. In this way the Catalans will play the game scheduled for Saturday against the CD Calahorra, avoiding a second no-show that would leave them out of the competition.

Extremadura Shield / Flag

In the agreement reached the club recognizes, in a document signed by the staff, the amount owed to them and they are offered the letter of freedom to be able to leave the entity in the next transfer window. The commitment of the staff would be to continue competing until that date and wait for an economic solution that can reverse the situation of defaults.

The communiqué states that thanks to the agreement, it will continue to “work incessantly to unblock the situation” that allows “the entry of the necessary capital” to solve “definitively” the financial crisis. Also appreciated is “the predisposition, professionalism and responsibility on the part of each and every one of the members of the staff and the coaching staff.”

Saúl leaves

Minutes after announcing this call for the strike, the Almendralejense entity announced the departure of Saúl González, starter in 10 of the 11 games played by the Extremadura UD since the start of this season. The Madrid defender has been the only one for the moment who has made the decision to leave now and wait for the opening of the winter market outside of the Estremadura.