Exclusive: Terelu Campos hosts her daughter and Carlo Costanzia in her house in Malaga

When he found out from the cover of the magazine Week that his daughter and Carlo Costanzia were going out together, he almost had a “nervous breakdown.” But, as the days have passed, Have himwho loves Alejandraand above all “trusts her”, has decided not to worry and give her son a chance. Sea Flowers. In fact, last weekend, María Teresa Campos’s first-born daughter gave them the key to her house in Malaga so they could escape from Madrid and relax on the beach. Yes, because although Alejandra has not made it clear on her social networks, where she has been photographed only with his dog, they have been together.

The protagonist of Toy Boy He asked for a permit at the Josefina Aldecoa Social Integration Center (CIS), at the Navalcarnero penitentiary center in Madrid, where he is serving a sentence for a crime of continuous fraud and for which he wears a telematic bracelet. In this way, Carlo has been able to distract himself and travel with his new love to the south, see the beach and disconnect from the media pressure to which, according to them, they have been subjected since it became known that they were seeing each other. There they have enjoyed themselves, they have gone out to the beach, they have walked and they have not hidden. So it is clear that Terelu has given its approval to this love story.

Last week, Terelu refused to talk about the issue in the programs she works on. But this Monday she returned from the beach and spoke in Mañaneros with Jaime Cantizano. There, with the best of her smiles, Pipi Estrada’s ex said that “Alejandra’s life only belongs to her.” Terelu explained that being her mother does not give her the right to anything. “Nothing more than taking care of her, loving her and never letting go of her hand. She and I have no secrets and we talk daily,” she said. But he added that Alejandra, after their relationship became public, was having a hard time: “It is being a very complicated moment for her. I have been in the profession for 40 years and I find a camera at the door of my house and I’m scared, imagine her.” And she continued: “I have no problem in the relationship she has with Carlo because I neither give my opinion nor limit my daughter because they haven’t done it to me, but seeing her suffer…”. Regarding her relationship, he stated: “I don’t know what is going to happen and I don’t think they even know.” Perhaps because she saw her so bad and overwhelmed, she offered to leave them the house that belonged to her mother in Malaga and that her sister Carmen has now inherited from her and her. A beautiful apartment with sea views.

But since it doesn’t always rain to everyone’s liking, Carlos’s ex-girlfriend continues talking about him. Jeimy He claims that Mar Flores’ son even asked him to return days before the first photographs with Alejandra appeared. In fact, Carlo lived with her in an apartment in the Madrid neighborhood of Vallecas until a few weeks before he started living with María Teresa Campos’ granddaughter. Now, after his exclusive in DeViernes, The model has enough money to rent a small apartment in the same neighborhood where he lived until a few months ago and thus avoid spending the night in jail. It is there that Alejandra has been seen entering and leaving during the last few weeks before her getaway to Malaga, of which we will surely see images this Wednesday.