Everything about the assault on María del Monte’s house when she and her wife were there

After the assault suffered by Miguel Bosé in Mexico a few days ago, this Sunday the news broke that last Friday morning María del Monte was surprised at her home by a group of hooded men while she was inside her home with her wife. , Immaculate House.

The Civil Guard is currently in full investigation of this robbery with violence, as published by the Diario de Sevilla, and the only thing that has transpired so far is that there is -for the moment- no person arrested.

“A team of the Judicial Police of this body has taken charge of the case and has carried out a visual inspection of the house, in search of some biological trace that helps to identify the assailants” confirms the newspaper.

Apparently it was a group made up of at least five people who went with their faces covered and gloves to avoid leaving traces who stole an amount of money that has not been disclosed.