María Patiño, in Telecinco News with Pepe Ribagorda (but ignored by her colleagues)

María Patiño slipped into the Telecinco news by surprise this Saturday, August 26. And that the presenter is on vacation and Nuria Marín replaces her Socialité. However, the journalist appeared in the nightly edition of the news program presented by Pepe Ribagorda.

The news host was connecting with the reporter Serafín González, who was in Torremolinos (Málaga) to cover an alternative music festival when a man who was there took advantage of the moment to shout: “Maríaaa Patiiiñoo!” heard in the middle of the chronicle. Ribagorda and the displaced reporter ignored what had happened, but the entire audience heard it clearly given the volume of the spontaneous scream.

María Patiño remains at Mediaset and is one of the survivors, along with Jorge Javier Vázquez, from the list of characters from the Sálvame universe. In addition to continuing with Socialité (once her vacation is over) let’s remember that she is one of the protagonists of the space that Netflix has recorded with her colleagues, a travel program that does not yet have a release date.