Eva Amaral revolutionizes the networks after being bare-chested in Sonorama: “For all of us”

Eva Amaral (51) starred in one of the images of the weekend when she was bare-chested on the stage of Sonorama Ribera, one of the most important music festivals in our culture. The singer did it with the intention of claiming the freedom of women, especially artists who have been criticized or censored for undressing on stage.

“This is for Rocío, for Rigoberta, for Zahara, for Bebe, for all of us. Because no one can take away the dignity of our nudity,” she told more than 35,000 people before taking off her top and singing Revolutionone of the most demanding themes of the group that forms together with Juan Aguirre (53).

The singer’s gesture comes after the controversy that arose in June with the artist Rocio Saiz during the LGTBIQ+ Pride in Murcia, after a policeman paralyzed his performance for being left without a shirt and bra on stage. After the controversy generated, the Local Police issued a statement in which they assured that the agent who stopped the artist’s concert acted on “his own initiative” and without informing “at any time of her intervention to the chain of command”. The security body crossed out the actions of its agent as “not correct”.

Since what happened with Rocio Saiz, there have been a wave of reactions in networks and initiatives of all kinds such as that of Amaral in Sonorama in Aranda del Duero. the singer of How to speak o the universe above me He also named other artists on stage as Rigoberta Bandinithe creator of the claim Ow mom. “I don’t know why our boobs are so scary…” goes her song.

Amaral has been at the top of the trends since this Saturday night, when the concert took place. Yolanda Diazthe Second Vice President of the Government and Minister of Labor and Social Economy has joined the comments of support on Twitter: “Eva Amaral has been a reference for women in our country for more than 20 years. She has shown it once again at Sonorama “.