Simeone: “You have to be alert to plan A and plan B”


The Atlético de Madrid coach, Diego Pablo Simeone, has assured that they must be “alert to plan A and plan B” due to the “unexpected possibilities” that may occur in the transfer market, in addition to remembering that “the areas end up defining the seasons” and that for this reason they must be “strong” in this aspect.

“I see the group well, each one interpreting the place they have and knowing that the market is open until September 1, therefore, something can always happen. Not today, maybe tomorrow, so you have to be alert to the plan A and plan B, with the unexpected possibility that it may appear,” he declared at the press conference prior to Monday’s game against Granada.

In addition, he stated that at the club they know “where the footballer that is needed is”. “It will go as a result of what the squad marks. Boys came to help us in that facet, at least now we have more spare parts in the event of an absence like tomorrow, when neither Axel -Witsel- nor Giménez will be there,” he said.

Regarding the new additions, the ‘Cholo’ explained that “they have interpreted the team’s game quite well”. “They are adapting to the needs we are looking for. I see them well, they have hooked up well. We need to have the five changes soon, the strength is in the five that can come in and make a difference. The team is competitive and we have a good replacement”, said.


On the other hand, the Argentine coach promises to “give the maximum in every game” during this course. “Tomorrow a new season begins, always with the illusion that it generates to compete again, to see our people again, to be in our stadium again…”, he highlighted about the duel at the Cívitas Metropolitano.

He also pointed out the key to this campaign. “Regularity in football is the most difficult, maintaining the balance of the game, intensity and work is the most complex. All the teams will aim to try to find it,” he said.

“It is too soon to be able to comment on something, because not all the teams have even played. Spanish football always has the tone of having good players, a good game, and forcefulness will make the teams be higher or lower. The areas they end up defining the seasons, and to see if we can be strong there”, he explained.

Finally, Simeone assured that the friendlies were marking “a bit of the line” they are looking for, which is not to stray from what they did “at the end of last season”. “We must go confirming it day by day on the field. Beyond words, the most important thing is the game,” he stressed.

“Tomorrow we are going to compete with a recently promoted team that has the illusion of maintaining the category and competing well, which it surely will. We know the difficulties that the start of the season has: fatigue, the teams are not quite ready Well, the pre-season trips… We will live with those situations that will surely appear tomorrow”, he concluded.