Daniel Sancho had a debit card with 25,000 euros per month that Edwin paid

The news about the case daniel sancho, who entered provisional detention on Monday, August 7, do not stop while the Thai investigation continues its course. Rodolfo Sancho’s son will go to ordinary detention on the 17th and the trial will be held within a maximum period of 84 days from then, that is, at the beginning of November at the latest.

This Saturday, the journalist José Ángel Leiras told Telecinco some details about what the relationship was like between the grandson of Sancho Gracia and the person he allegedly murdered and dismembered, the Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta 44 years old.

“This is data that the police have been collecting. The first is a debit card that Daniel Sancho would be using, it has a balance of 25,000 euros per month, the last time it was used was that week in Thailand, and it is associated with a bank account that would belong to Edwin,” the journalist explained. The 29-year-old chef arrived in Thailand on Monday, July 31, and would have killed the doctor on Wednesday, August 2.

The journalist also revealed other information from the investigation: “Daniel Sancho would have made cuts in Edwin Arrieta’s armpits and in the femoral artery to bleed the body before dismembering it and thus not leaving blood stains, only those found in the shower drain”.

Sancho is accused of premeditated murder and of dismembering the victim’s body into pieces to hide his remains. Daniel himself confessed to being the author of the murder of Arrieta, which occurred last week in a hotel on the island of Koh Phangan. “I’m guilty, but I was Edwin’s hostage. He held me hostage. It was a glass cage, but it was a cage. He made me destroy my relationship with my girlfriend, he forced me to do things I would never have done,” he said. to Efe.