Elegance and a point of originality on the red carpet of the Woman Today Awards this Wednesday in Madrid. Eugenia Martinez de Irujo She has been one of the first to go through the photocall. The protagonist of the night, winner of the Woman of the Year 2022 award, has surprised with a flowing skirt and jacket inspired by the Sevillian teachers, adorned with feathers on her shoulders.

The Duchess of Montoro, always very attentive to details, has completed the outfit with a gold belt and a handbag with a red floral decoration. A whole festival of colors and textures that she has combined as only she knows how to do it.

But Eugenia has not been the only aristocrat of the night. Isabelle JunotMarchioness of Cubas and contestant of Masterchef Celebrityhas stood out with a simple but sophisticated straight dress in brown, with a cape and finished in fringes.

Álvaro Falcó’s wife has shared an evening and a table with the actress Miriam Giovanelliwith a pencil skirt and jacket in a classic XXL cut, and the designer Maria Escotevery daring with a tight dress with a psychedelic print.

The model Nieves Alvarez, one of the presenters of the gala, has opted for a ‘black and white’ look with a crossed halter neckline and front opening. A classic print with a very seductive cut signed by Johanna Ortiz with Yves Saint Laurent sandals.

Sandra Barneda She has been one of the guests who has opted for the classic jacket suit, in her case, navy blue with a silver top and moccasin. So have the stylist Fiona Ferrer y Begona Garcia-Vaquerowho has resumed social life after recovering from the stroke he suffered on September 28.