Panda bamboo. The name of Borja Iglesias was heard and the decibels at the RCDE Stadium increased, as when he was substituted in the second half after a scoreless goal. The parakeet does not forget the departure of the Panda to Betis months after swearing eternal love there 2019. But fate, always capricious, wanted the Galician striker to be the executor of an Espanyol that was bamboo for the Panda, a food based on goals that continues to widen the hole in the Blue and White defense in recent days. An involution that gives off unease, no matter how much the team continues in that range of minimums that was established from the dispatches at the beginning of the course.

The numbers. Some dispatches that subscribed to the infantile discourse (such as the expulsion of Raúl de Tomás) of talking about the Play as if the fans did not understand the difficulty of the game or see, for example, that Betis, With all the caveats that may exist in those cheating salary limits, it has a cap of 71 million for 77 from Espanyol, that Juanmi thrashes in verdiblanco and Loren is not in blue and white, that some are in the Champions zone and the others in an unnamed land, calm for now, but with a long road ahead.

Espanyol Shield/Flag

La Liga Santander

*Data updated as of January 21, 2022

From Embarba to Aleix. A road with another stumble, as before Elche and Cádiz, with Mallorca in between. The RCDE Stadium has lost its magic and the parakeet team meets all the misfortunes. RdT scored without Vicente Moreno’s men deserving it, crouched in their field, subdued by a Betis who handled the ball. But a hand from Aleix Vidal, with the help of the VAR, gave the 1-1 penalty. If the fans ran out of patience with Embarba who became a substitute again, now it is Aleix who despairs. Only Diego López sustained the team, fragile even from set pieces, a virtue that is now a weakness.

Borgia Iglesias.

ball management. Although the defensive bleeding is evident, the despair is Espanyol’s management of the ball. It’s hard to go out playing despite the help of Calero, who only lasted 45 minutes. Morlanes, Darder and Melendo They are only activated in recoveries in their own field, pressed and without the ability to combine with each other with continuity. Puado was lost, like Aleix, while Pedrosa and Oscar Gil they were successful in the centers in their few climbs, since Espanyol is not capable of staying in a rival field for a long time. The goal and little else for a RdT that plays disconnected due to its own vices and the little help it has. And that ended up on the street out of the blue.

No compass, no cure. The Betis fans chanted “oés” as they watched Loren hinder Pedrosa, without confidence and lost, like a water polo player on a soccer field. Whether due to the unbalanced squad, the vicissitudes of football itself or the confidence of the players, the team seems to have lost its compass. And not because of the defeat this Friday, one more, but because of the loss of the values ​​of a team that was a rock at the beginning of the season and is now made of cardboard. Symptoms increase while waiting to find a cure. Espanyol flirts with the crisis as reflected in the final image: shy, but already present, chants from the Canito Stand of “Vicente go now” and “Rufete go now” while Betis looked for a little hand that did not arrive due to the verdiblancas flourishes. It is essential to return to the origin to avoid greater evils.