The Spanish duo made up of Emma García and Pau Ribes repeated this Monday, as they did in the preliminary round, fourth place in the final of the Technical Mixed Duo of the Budapest Swimming World Championships, thus staying off the podium, with the Italian couple proclaiming themselves world champion

As it happened on Saturday, the Italians Giordio Minissini and Lucrezia Ruggiero, who completed a very clean round, with hardly any errors, were the best to achieve a score of 89.2685, showing a remarkable superiority over their rivals to win the gold. This is the second gold metal that the transalpine country has hung in Artistic Swimming, after the one achieved by Minisini himself and Manila Flamini in 2017, also in Budapest.

The Spanish couple closed their participation in the Mixed Technical Duo with a very serious round, which again surpassed powers like the United States, but could not beat Japan (Yotaro Sato and Tomoka Sato), silver with 86.5939 points, and China (Yiyao Zhang). and Hayou Shi), bronze with 86.4425.

Thus, Emma García and Pau Ribes stayed on the verge of the medals, almost two points off the podium (84.4829), after neither the Chinese nor the Japanese failed and gave the option to the Spanish surprise.

Before the final of the Mixed Technical Duo, the Spanish Iris Tió finished sixth in the Solo preliminary and will compete in the final this Wednesday. To the rhythm of ‘You’ve Got The love’ by Florence de Machine, the athlete achieved more than 89 points, in a test in which the Japanese Inui-JPN (94) is destined for gold.