Elizegi has agreed with the point of view of Marcelino. It is still too early to rule out the rojiblanco team for Europe via the League, despite the fact that the two points lost yesterday against Villarreal could be a major drag on this goal. “We are not giving up on Europe yet, there are many points at stake,” said the president.

The chef also read the draw against the Castellón team. “In the first half hour we didn't recognize the team, but then, in forty minutes, we deserved to turn the game around. We all saw 2-1 close. When an opponent of that level goes 0-1 it is not easy to tie him. I don't know how many times we have come back this year. We can go to Wanda to get the three points ”, he said.

The board of directors removed from the agenda of the Extraordinary Assembly the point corresponding to the animation stand, which was rejected on December 27. “The revision of the grandstand and stadium model is still pending. We will consider another scenario by starting over. We cannot renounce that each match is different in San Mames, that each rival sees that we have taken each match as it deserves. It is much better if we all collaborate so that the rival feels pressured in a stadium as many of us remember ”, he said in reference to the old San Mamés.

Garcia He is the only player who remains to be renewed among those who finished their contract this year. The president has once again been optimistic. “We know him, he speaks the language of Athletic and we his. It is basic for this project. I send the message of tranquility to the fans. We want him to be with us because a spring is coming with many hopes for this team ”, he stated.

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