Elena and Cristina’s concern for the health of Doña Sofía and Juan Carlos grows: “They are aware”

The Queen Sofia She received this Thursday, on her second day hospitalized at Ruber in Madrid, a visit from king philip and of Mrs. Letizia. Also of the Infanta Elenaalthough she did not coincide with her brother and sister-in-law by only fifteen minutes apart.

The emerita, after the wedding of José Luis Martínez-Almeida held on Saturday, was admitted urgently this Tuesday due to a urinary tract infection. Casa Real announced it early on Wednesday, when he was already on the floor, with a note in which he assured that his evolution “is being very rapid and favorable.”

Even so, it is normal for children at this age to feel some concern about their parents and the passage of time. “Luckily, they are not big scares, but they are aware that age takes its toll. Therefore, they are more present and concerned on a day-to-day basis,” say sources close to the infantas in The Digital Confidential. They not only refer to the queen, but also to King Juan Carlos, who at 86 years old suffers from mobility problems and has recently had check-ups in Vitoria and Madrid. In Abu Dhabi, he has also commissioned some works to adapt the mansion in which he lives to his needs.

King Philip talks about his mother

The monarch went to Ruber this Wednesday, this time accompanied by Letizia, with whom he spent the day in Las Palmas for scheduling reasons. As soon as they landed, the king and the consort went to the clinic to greet Doña Sofía and inquire about her evolution. As they were leaving to rest, the king lowered his window to comment that his mother is “very well” and looking forward to “returning home”, although it is still too early to talk about the medical discharge: “Calmly.”

Victoria Federica y Froilán’s mother, who, as we have said, did not meet her brother and sister-in-law at Ruber for a matter of minutes, arrived driving her own car and entered the Madrid hospital with a serious face, without even greeting the assembled press. . She, too, did not want to speak to the reporters when she left, covered with a borsalino hat and a surgical mask.