Edwin Arrieta had a second mobile phone that contains crucial data for the investigation: all the details

Thai police continue to investigate the crime of the Colombian surgeon at the hands of daniel sancho. The person in charge, Big Joke, affirmed that the report would be delivered to the Prosecutor’s Office last week but the appearance of new witnesses and evidence has turned the case around. The last one has seen the light this Tuesday: Edwin Arrieta I didn’t have one mobile phone but two.

The doctor lived halfway between Colombia and Chile, so he had two different terminals. Until now, the police had only contemplated the existence of the first, but the second could contain as much or more information relevant to the case: messages, photos, call records… Neither of them has yet been found. According to Code 10, the last connection from the Chilean telephone was carried out on Tuesday the 2nd at 4:38 Colombian time, that is, on Wednesday the 3rd at 3:38 Thai time. This is key information to be able to balance the hours before and after Edwin’s death, since there are temporary gaps in Daniel’s story that neither the witnesses nor the security cameras have been able to solve.

The police are working against the clock because they have a deadline to submit their report: October 27. If by then there is no well-developed accusation, they would have to release Daniel Sancho and even return his passport, with which he could return to Spain without problem.

The continuous appearance of evidence and the open investigation have prevented the remains of Edwin Arrieta from being repatriated to Colombia, something that his family had been waiting for a week now. In fact, some parts of the surgeon’s body (such as the torso, key for forensic analysis), have not even turned up yet.