‘Feeling’ star Tori Spelling lives with her five children in a trailer

The drama of the actress Tori Spelling after the separation of Dean McDermott. Tori, 50, lives in a trailer with her five children, who have suffered health problems from toxic mold. the interpreter of Feeling of living has recently been hospitalized. Last 20 she was discharged. She was in a wheelchair, with bruises on her face, her gaze absent, and still wearing her hospital admission bracelet and the bandage on her left hand. She is the toughest image of Spelling.

The North American press has echoed this case, as Peoplewhich included in its pages an image of the interpreter, with a blanket, lying on a bed.

Tori Spelling, the one who was a star of world television for the adolescent series Feeling of living, leaves us a very impressive photograph. After the separation from McDermott, she left her home due to toxic mold problems and moved with her five children to a $100-a-night motel, lodgings that she abandoned to get into a trailer and settle in a campground. “Our house has been slowly killing us for three years. My children and I are very sick and we cannot recover. We need help,” she published a few weeks ago on her networks.

His mother, Candy, formerly of the late television producer Aaron Spelling, would have inherited 800 million dollars from him, so it is understood the economic hardship they would be going through. There are media that suggest that Tori could be leading a personal drama to fuel her return to television.

This serious personal situation was triggered as a result of a marital breakdown. However, some digital sources such as Radar Online suggest that McDermott’s addiction to sex precipitated the separation. “It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that after 18 years together and 5 amazing children (Beau Dean, Finn, Liam, Hattie and Stella), Tori and I have decided to go our separate ways,” was the announcement of the breakup.

Gone are her glory days for the role of Donna Martin that catapulted her to planetary fame in the 90s. nepo baby Tori is the daughter of producer Aaron Spelling, who paved the way for her acting career.