Jorge Javier and La Fábrica prepare a ‘Deluxe’ version of Chinese Tales for Friday nights

Alessandro Salem swallows more toads every day. Almost everything that the top executive said about his plans to reorient Mediaset towards a white television, which the whole family can watch, has turned out to be a lie and it is enough to examine the grid: it does the same but with worse results. He promoted an ethical code that, for example, prohibited talking about politics in the afternoons and Ana Rosa Quintana He will do it in his evening magazine.

He decided to eliminate the “trash TV” from Telecinco and was loaded Save me in a bad way, behind the back, without notifying its producers, and overnight , in all its formats, including Deluxe, and removed from the screen the greatest exponent and icon of that universe, Jorge Javier Vazquez (which ended the low season) but changed the program from La Fábrica de la Tele for another produced by Cuarzo and presented by Sandra Barnedawhich is, at least, as “trash TV” as Sálvame but less greased, less creative, less fun and, above all, half as effective.

But it is that it will not disappear from the Telecinco screen either Jorge Javier Vazquez because, as is well known, the man from Badalona will present from Monday to Thursday Chinese tales to compete with Paul Motorcycles in prime time. We know that JorgeJa has German González (former editor of Sálvame), Susi Caramelo (comedian), Josep Ferré (actor and impersonator), Celia Villalobos and Anabel Alonso Carla Pulpón (actress) and José Perea

By the way, sources in the sector assure that the format, very complicated to carry out, is just on time to be on the air on the scheduled date, and that they are caught to the point of delaying its presentation and its broadcast.

For Ana Rosa, setting data below 14% is a failure, but it is very likely that she will beat Sonsoles

Telecinco awaits like rain in May the arrival of Ana Rosa Quintana. The brave journalist, an animal of communication, has taken on the challenge and it is to be hoped that she will contribute to taking her channel out of third place, below Antena 3 and La 1. But, for the star presenter of the Berlusconi in Spain, not equal or exceed the data of Save me It is a personal failure. Her battle is not to win over her former student Sonsoles Ónega, which she is going to achieve, but to gain a 14 or 15% share of the screen. For that, Unicorn Content has been arming itself to its duffel coats all summer, signing up the professionals it could, with names like Manuel Marlasca, a first sword of events, and betting on collaborators from the heart who compensate those who have lost because the competition has taken them by making generous, exclusive and long-term contracts. It has also aimed high in the search for content. It would not be surprising if we saw TardeAR juicy interviews, like Malu talking about Albert Rivera or international stars, and why not, politicians and personalities, even royal houses.

But Ana Rosa arrives at a chain in the audience abyss. Some days in the last two months have been muggy and even humiliating in prime time, strip in which Telecinco has come to be surpassed even by Cuatro, its little sister. The string of disastrous releases during the summer is long, but in the fall there is much more publicity pie to distribute.

A very senior manager of Mediaset told us not more than a month and a half ago that in summer “televisions do not play money”, downplaying the data, but recovering leadership is today a daunting task if we take into account that the average the chain does not reach 9 percent. But that same manager boasted of having killed Jorge Javier and that is not entirely true. And not only because we go to see him daily at preferential hours, but because The chain is already studying a project for La Fábrica de la Tele with Jorge Javier as presenter, for Friday nights.

The project that they filter to us could be defined as a Chinese Tales Deluxe (Save me had a version on the weekend at night), to understand each other, an extension of the daily strip (50 minutes) with which Telecinco intends to lower the smoke to Pablo Motorcycles, which opens with Isabel Pantoja, nothing less, to mark territory. His will have cost the Valencian but we must applaud him because Pablo’s objective, logically, is to go out like a motorcycle.

They assure us that La Fábrica de la Tele is having serious problems to get the characters they intend to have to be interviewed by Jorge Javier. They call but more than one famous person is fearful and doubts whether to go because the past precedes these little angels and, although they swear and perjure that Chinese Tales is not going to have anything to do with the circus they put together JorgeJa in the afternoons, the man from Badalona is as famous as he is.

Another thing is that on Friday nights with el Chinese Tales long run the money, raise the caches, and put together a weekly Chinese Tales, at night, as a gala, with level, budgets and visits of those that mark good audiences. Few people in Spain know how to build magazines like Oscar Cornejo and Adrian Madrid. The failures of attempts by Kometa, Mandarina, Cuarzo or Unicorn Content itself in the case of La vida sin filtros (which is not a magazine) give a good account of this.