Thibaut Courtois and Borja Iglesias have made history and have made DUX Gaming the first club in eSports history to buy a professional soccer entity. Both, together with the well-known youtuber DjMariio, are the owners of DUX and now become owners of the hitherto known as Madrid-Boadilla International, Group I Second Division B.

Starting next season, the club will change its name to be known as Madrid International DUX. Furthermore, the first equipement The actual soccer team will be the same one they use in eSports. That is, black with white stripes. He shield It will also change to that of the entity chaired by the Real Madrid and Betis footballers. And, of course, it will maintain the two sections: soccer 11 and video games.

In any case, despite the fact that these will be the majority investors, the management of the sports management will continue in the hands of the current managers. The club has also confirmed that soccer players could participate in video game competitions if it is considered so. It should be noted that Kolderiu, goalkeeper known as Carles Santaló, was also dedicated to the world of YouTube and competed in online tournaments.

This was announced by DUX Gaming through their social networks: “DUX makes the leap to professional football. We became co-owners of Inter Madrid, who will wear our kit and defend our shield next season. The infinite club is born. We are DUX International in Madrid.”

Inter Madrid was also satisfied with the merger: “We want to thank DUX Gaming for joining Madrid's Internacional Capital. This union allows us to look to the future together and become a real and virtual club at the same time.” Like DUX, he closed the publication with the phrase that points to the motto of the new project: “We are the infinite club. We are DUX Internacional de Madrid”.

Footballers take an interest in modest clubs

Courtois and Borja Churches They are not the first elite footballers to buy a Second Division B club. They already did. Gerard Pique with the Andorra, also now in the bronze category. Thomas Partey, from Atlético de Madrid, is one of the owners of Alcobendas Sport. Alexander You arrivenow central to Oviedo, is the maximum shareholder of the Lightning Majadahonda, although it is his father Pedro Arribas who takes the management until his retirement.


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