Dulceida and Alba Paul are expecting their first child: “Your moms are looking forward to you”

Dulceida (34) and Alba Paul (36) announced this Tuesday that they are expecting their first child. After months of rumors about their maternity plans, they have revealed through a joint publication on Instagram that their wish has come true. “Your moms are looking forward to you,” they wrote, showing in two photographs the latest ultrasound of their baby.

The businesswomen, who broke up after six years together in 2021, gave themselves a second chance in mid-2023. From that moment on, they confessed that their intention was to continue taking steps together, establishing their relationship and managing it with enthusiasm and maturity. It didn’t take them long to admit that among their plans was to be mothers.

In this sense, the protagonist of Sweet naked She was seen last February at a fertility clinic. “We don’t know which of us will get pregnant, but what we want is for one to carry the pregnancy and the other to donate the egg, so we are both involved in it,” she explained at the time. Now, It is assumed that she will finally be the surrogate mother.since in the images that have been added to the advertisement Alba places a hand on his wife’s belly.

The content creators moved this year to the apartment that will be their family home. Located in Madrid, it is a bright, cozy and minimalist style property., as can be seen in the photographs that have been published during this time. It is likely that they chose this place with the intention of raising a family there. Of course, it is unknown at the moment how many months the Catalan woman is pregnant, although everything indicates that her baby will be born between the end of this year and the beginning of next year.

“We are very happy,” Dulceida declared in her Instagram stories. A feeling that she shares with Alba, who has declared the vertigo she feels at this new stage in her life. “Hello? This is already a fact. “We are equally happy and scared, but it will be worth it.”Has expressed.

Alba and Dulceida They met in 2014 at the opening of a clothing gallery. in Barcelona where the two had gone as guests. At first there was not much chemistry between them but, as they met in later events, their relationship improved. Thus, although the exact beginning of her courtship is unknown, in 2015 Dulceida published a video on her YouTube channel in which she declared herself bisexual. She explained that she was “madly in love” with a girl, and asked her followers for understanding.

Their courtship would last a little over a year and, in 2016, during Dulceweekend, Alba proposed to him. At a concert by his friend Carlos Sadness, the businesswoman knelt down and gave him a ring. His girl said yes, and in September of that same year they said ‘I do’ at an intimate wedding in the Moorish cove of Sitges, in Barcelona. Of course, legally they were never married. They themselves explained that they had never “formalized” the relationship by “signing a paper.” It is something that they had “pending” for a while, but that did not seem “that important” to them.

In 2021 the announcement of the breakup came. “This is possibly the most difficult thing for me to write in my life. Alba and I have decided to follow our separate paths. They have been very hard, sad months, of endless conversations and the most difficult decision we have ever made,” Dulceida explained on her Instagram account, where she dedicated an emotional farewell message to the one who had been his girlfriend of seven years. “Thank you for everything you have given me and what you have made me feel, for making me a better person, for being my balance and for these 7 years of making many of my dreams come true. You will always be my cacaolat in the morning,” he added. Later, it was commented that the Catalan had started a relationship with the singer Ana Legazpi, vocalist of the group Marlena. The singer has referred to her ex in several performances after her reconciliation with Alba, but Dulceida has never wanted to talk about it.