Cheikh Sarr: “I don’t think it’s normal that they punish the victim”


Rayo Majadahonda goalkeeper Cheikh Sarr recalled the “horrible” racist insults that he “could not bear” and that he received from the stands during the match against Sestao River this weekend, at the same time that, although he acknowledged being ” regretful” of his reaction, he said that the referee should have “asked the victim” before sending him off, exposing himself now to an “unfair” sanction that “is not normal.”

“I am grateful to everyone and very proud of everyone. Thank you to everyone who has supported me, the fans, my team, my teammates, and everyone, my family,” the goalkeeper of the team began his appearance on Tuesday. Madrid team.

The footballer revealed that several fans, when they went down to the first row of the stands behind his goal, shouted at him “‘Fucking black, fucking nigger’.” “It is not the first time that this has happened to me, although this time it was not like a joke, it was something horrible, something that I could not bear, a sadness, something very ugly. I think it is time for Spain to show that it is not a country racist,” he said.

“The worst moment was when I received the racist insults, my intention was to go calmly, to ask him why he was insulting me, he was not aggressive. I was going to ask him if he was a father, if he had a family, he was an older person, and adults are the first ones who have to set an example and not act like that,” he said about his reaction, when facing a fan whom he grabbed by the shirt.

However, Sarr took the opportunity to apologize for how he acted with the crowd. “It wasn’t normal, it was hot, and I apologize to my team and everyone. I won’t react like that if it happens to me again. It’s a learning experience for me,” he said before confessing that he felt “regretful” for his reaction.

Although this does not change his view on the sanction he is exposed to, between four and eight games, for confronting the fan. “The sanction would be unfair, I’m screwed, I don’t see it as normal for the victim to be sanctioned,” he said. “He gave me a red card without asking how things went, that’s why I later went to the locker room to ask him with all due respect, to find out why the red card,” he said.

“The referee should have asked the victim before sending me off. I didn’t do anything bad. After the game, an hour later, he asked me about what happened. He supported me there, and I also thank him,” he said.

The 23-year-old player stated that he has not been able to train in the last two days due to the “pain” caused by the racist episode. “The psychologist doesn’t stop helping me, she is a very good person. Since it happened she has helped me a lot, she has done a lot for me,” said Sarr, who also insisted on thanking Vinícius Júnior for his support on social networks.