Don Juan Carlos, his tour from Vitoria to Barcelona: night at the clinic and delivery dinner

The very private agenda of Don Juan Carlos in Spain continues its course. The format of the visit was defined beforehand by him and the emeritus King has not strayed from that script. After Sanxenxo, without racing due to the waves and bad weather, but with the smile of seeing himself surrounded by his friends, the father of Felipe VI landed in Vitoria on Sunday 23. A visit that caught us off guard because it meant extending his stay in Spain for more time. Health reasons. A medical review with the head traumatologist and personal friend of his Mikel Sánchez and a visit to his doctor Eduardo Anitua, also a friend of his, as reported The Basque newspaper. After two nights in the Basque capital, what if you run into Iñaki Urdangarin walking through the city center? It seems that the Spanish tour of the emeritus has a third stop. The next stop would be Barcelona, ​​as we published. And if he stayed until June? They point out from El Confidencial Digital that the former head of state would be planning to stay in our country until the next Sanxenxo regattas in June.

From Vigo’s Peinador airport to Foronda airport in Vitoria. He got off the private jet and, helped by his assistants, got into a Mercedes van, which got lost on the way to the Basque capital. The unbreakable friendship that the emeritus maintains with the doctors and researchers from Vitoria Eduardo Anitua and Mikel Sánchez has made him come to see them. He has seen Juan Carlos and his friends on past occasions enjoying the sublime Basque gastronomy.

The former is an odontostomatologist and the latter is an orthopedic surgeon, both are renowned experts for their research on plasma rich in growth factors, which is obtained from the patient’s own blood and contains extraordinary regenerative properties.

Night at the clinic and delivery dinner

Such is the friendship that Don Juan Carlos maintains with Anitua, who has spent the night in a doctor’s apartment attached to the clinic located on the outskirts of the city, according to El Correo. Next to the clinic is the BTI, a leading institute in scientific production in the field of biotechnology, under the direction of Anitua.

After the stop in Vitoria, the private plane appeared this morning on Tuesday the 25th, ready to take off. As published by El Correo, several assistants from the emeritus team arrived at the terminal, who were in charge of boarding their luggage on the aircraft. Everything indicates that he could set course for Barcelona. There he would meet his close friend Josép Cusí, a Catalan shipowner whom he met more than 40 years ago. He could also see his grandson Pablo Urdangarin.