Casa Real confirms that there has not been “any type of meeting between Carlos III and King Juan Carlos”

This is the story of a complete nonsense. Don Juan Carlos met or not met con Charles III on his visit to London on April 17. The loop, which comes from behind, has not stopped since then. The world He published that definitely yes, that the emeritus had a meeting with the monarch, in a strictly private format. After this information, Casa Real finally clarifies the loop for us.

“The day of the visit (from King Felipe VI) to Ronda, a while after the British once again denied the meeting with Carlos III, the British ambassador called the Head of the House to tell him that there had been no type of meeting between Carlos III and King Juan Carlos”. This is how the note from Casa Real says this Tuesday, April 25.

Don Felipe traveled to Ronda (Málaga) on April 19. The monarch presided over the celebration of the 450th anniversary of the Real Maestranza de Caballería from Ronda. Upon his arrival in the town, the head of state was received with a mass bath. The neighbors were overturned. That same day, Don Juan Carlos landed at the Peinador de Vigo airport. It was then that the call from the British ambassador to the head of the King’s House took place to indicate that there had been “no type of meeting” between the emeritus and Carlos III. This confirmation finally clears up for us the misinformation loop we’ve been in for several weeks on this London issue. In addition, it arrives when Don Felipe’s father is in Vitoria, a week and a half after the monarch’s coronation ceremony, on May 6 in Westminster.