Ana Soria, delivered to Ponce in the midst of a whirlwind of love between Cuevas and Luis Miguel: “Find me here”

For months and months the two monopolized the media spotlight. However, the romance of dove caves y Luis Miguel it has cast a shadow on them. In the midst of a whirlwind of rumors about a possible wedding between the Cordoba woman and the Sun of Mexico, Ana Soria has opened his Instagram account to share some photos with Enrique Ponce.

“Look for me here”, the twenty-something from Almería has written along with several photographs in which she appears fighting a heifer with the help of the bullfighter. As they have highlighted this Monday in Ana Rosa’s programthese images were taken in Cetrina, the farm in Jaén where Paloma and Enrique lived their love and saw their daughters grow, popcorn 14 years and Bianca of 11. The farm is up for sale and, for the moment, the right-hander rents it for certain events such as weddings and communions.

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After finding out about their courtship in the summer of 2020, they experienced a few months of great media intensity, which is why they made the decision to close their social networks. Everything, apparently, to stop the media hurricane that they themselves fed with their romantic posts. Some time later, Enrique continues without taking steps in the networks, but the young woman “returned” to the ring and, from time to time, she offers us images like these along with hers in love with her.

Meanwhile, Paloma Cuevas and Luis Miguel continue to do their thing. Following the separation of Ponce and Cuevas in 2020, the Latin American singer was approaching positions with his friend from decades ago. As the months went by, it became her tear cloth and we already know that touching makes love… In July of last year, the rumors of romance intensified and, since then, they have shared their time in Madrid, Miami or New York, among other places.

This Holy Week they have expressed their love in Marbella, another of the places that has become a refuge for both of them. They ate in exclusive restaurants and were with Paloma’s girls in the house that the singer has in the city of Marbella. Meanwhile, rumors of a possible wedding grow and grow. Paloma, faithful devotee, is a woman of serious relationships and does not look for hobbies, so a “yes, I do” with the artist of La Bikena it is not ruled out at all.