Zdenko Zagar, grandfather of Novak Djokovic, gave an interview to Serbian media Kurir in which he reviewed the origins of Nole's maternal family and took the opportunity to defend his grandson following the latest criticism received after the Adria Tour.

Djokovic's grandfather regretted Nole's positive, but in turn believes that criticism of his grandson is being excessive. “The tournament was played in the open air. There is no way Djokovic took the coronavirus there! I was there, too, and did not catch it. I was scared when I found out that he got infected. But I knew he was strong to receive the attacks he has received. I don't know why he is constantly criticized. They are dirty thoughts. The only reason I can think of for you They criticize him for being Serbian, when many do not know where Serbia and Belgrade are. He is better and more famous than everyone who insults him. Everything is explained because Djokovic annoys Nadal, Federer and the other 20 who are below him. I will not comment on it. I should ignore them. “

Zagar also reviewed the family's origins and revealed that Djokovic also has Croatian blood, as his grandfather has never considered himself Serbian. “I am Croatian, I was born in Vinkovci, and Nole's grandmother too. We met and then I had to come to Belgrade. After we got married and Diana was born, Nole's mother, and then Sanda. I have always felt Yugoslav or Croatian, I have never been Serbian. Diana was born in Belgrade and grew up there, and Nole's father was also born there. I think he also has Montenegrin blood. I understand that he is more favorable with the Serbs and I do not blame him. It would not have been better for him if he had identified himself as Croatian. “

Finally, he analyzed the physical state of Nole, who he says is somewhat thin. “Novak is too thin for my liking. He is only 10 centimeters tall and I cannot wear any of his shirts. Diana brings me some of her T-shirts and they never work for me. I weigh 81 kilos and 70 or 75 at most, “he joked.