Osasuna's coach, Jagoba Arrasate, has spoken about the great moment at a physical level that his staff lives and also about Chimy Ávila who already works with the group and even scores goals in training.

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“Despite having a very good season, there are things to improve. When it is over, we will analyze everything more coldly, “commented an Arrasate, who noted, during the press conference prior to the match against Mallorca, that” they always “have to” look ahead. ” is in the First Division, other clubs look at your players. “More if possible if you have a great campaign, but our idea is to keep everything good that we have and improve the team with the additions we make. “

Osasuna arrives at the appointment tomorrow after “a very large tute in Barcelona in terms of physical and mental demands”, so Arrasate expects his pupils to reactivate themselves mentally to face Mallorca. “This group has one last mission and no matter what happens when the game is over, we are going to hug each other because we deserve it, “he added.

The Basque coach would like to see “the version of the last home game against Celta, since that way we will be closer to victory and finish with 54 points, which is the objective that we have right now. “Arrasate believes that the fact of have won 5 of the last 7 games and overtaking the balearics tomorrow would mean finish in the top 10, “something that would be very nice”.

“We have to refresh the team, it's a no-brainer. We will have to analyze well what is the best lineup for tomorrow and, if we understand that a player from Promesas must enter that eleven because it is the best for the team, we will “, the coach has answered when asked about the possibility of giving minutes to Javi Martínez, Aimar Oroz and José Hualde.

“Tomorrow's game marks a little bit, but if we get the victory, my note for the team will be outstanding,” said Arrasate on what qualification he will put on his squad this season.

On the situation of Chimy Ávila, a player who already trains with the rest of the group, Arrasate commented that in today's session “he has scored goals and it is very good news”. “But we had doubts about what he could bring us in these last games after a very long inactivity.” “When we return it will be full. If we are where we are, it is partly because of him, but we understood that the best thing was for him not to compete despite the fact that he has long teeth because he looks good, “said the coach about the Argentine striker.

Arrasate has accepted that Osasuna changed his way of playing as a result of Chimy's injury after the sports management “moved well with the additions of Arnaiz and Gallego”. “Getting more points in the second round than in the first has surprised even me“said the coach.” If we want to continue growing, we have to make decisions that are not easy, and then get it right. More or less we are clear about what we want, but another thing is whether it will be possible, “he concluded.