The world of tennis is in a sea of ​​doubts. Both tournaments and players. On the first ones, constant suspicions fall that their celebration will be impossible due to the coronavirus. This is the case of Cincinnati and the US Open, whose realization is not entirely clear. The latter, the tennis players, are also surrounded by many unknowns, especially about of the calendar that will follow once the competition resumes.

One of the players who sows most doubts is Novak Djokovic. The Serbian has not yet officially announced what his schedule will be, although everything indicates that, Despite playing clueless and even having expressed his desire to focus on Roland Garros, he will go to New York – as long as the North American tour is held. Proof of this are his hard court workouts.

To these signs we must add one more. According to reports Rennae Stubbs, winner of six Grand Slam and former world number one, Djokovic is training in Marbella with the Wilson balls used in the US Open. “There are no certainties about his schedule and we still have to see what happens in these weeks. The good news is the decline in coronavirus cases in the New York area. “ the Australian said.

In case of attending the US Open, Djokovic (17) will have a great opportunity to get closer to Nadal (19) and Federer (20) -no one will go to New York- in Grand Slam numbers. Several are the players who have already deleted themselves from the tournament or who have expressed their doubts with the protocols of the tournament. Djokovic has yet to decide and make his schedule official for the remainder of the season.


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