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What taste in the mouth leaves the elimination ?: “We have had a very high level of play. I can only thank and congratulate the players. Honestly, I don't change to the final in another way and with other players. Thanks to the team and the fans for what they have made us live. It has been unforgettable. This hobby has brought us on volandas. We have made a second part where we deserved the pass to the final. That goal in 81 ’slows the reaction. It was the only mistake we made. ”

Can you take a toll on wear and tear before Levante ?: “Today is not a day to talk about Levante, but to enjoy. That ball that we get from under the goal in the first half would have changed everything. But this is football. It is time to get positive things from this year and a half that we have. Today is a day to be very proud and happy to have lived all this, even if we are screwed. ”

Can you fall asleep tonight ?: “What I do know is that nobody is going to take it away tonight. That is worth more than a sporting result. Granada has been an example of how to compete, with respect, honesty and honesty. We have faced an opponent with whom by trajectory and budget we have nothing to do. But in the green, Granada has been better today. ”

They have been less than 15 minutes from playing a final: “The result contaminates everything. We had the game very well controlled. We would have liked to do the third. The details are made by the great players, that is why Yuri has played at Paris Saint Germain. But you have to accept it. The level of play has been very high. In the second part, honestly, I think we were better. But this is football. They seized their opportunity, a mistake. That is why it is so difficult to reach a final. ”

Do you consider the elimination unfair ?: “In the first game they can say they were better. Today Granada has been better. I am proud of my team. We leave, after winning, by this double goal rule. I go with my head up, let's not forget where we come from, who we are and the example we have given of emotion, of Granadaism and of how a party is lived from competitiveness and respect ”.

How did you find the locker room ?: “It's a hard and sad moment. They are annoyed, but this is going to make us much better. Just as it has made us better each and every one of the experiences that we have had to live in this year and a half. I don't change one. The dream and the illusion that this team has infected us … This is a game, a sport, and if we have to not be in a final, let it be this way. The team match has been very good. ”

Do you think the change of format of the competition has been a triumph ?: “I totally agree. In the Premier the unique match is something habitual. And in football in 90 minutes more discount everything can happen. This format is much more attractive and makes it more interesting. Everything can happen. I see it a success. You have to adjust things, but this format is a total success. ”

Of all that you have lived in these last days, what time do you stay ?: “It's a bad time to choose a good time. See a city delivered to your team, see those buses, see the club employees dump for adding to the team, thanking everyone … We would have loved it and we fought to the fullest to be in the final. Words come to mind that my grandmother said to me today: ‘we will win’. And he said “Grandma, ask us to pass, not to win.” In the end we won, but we didn't pass. You leave with your head very high, with your boots on and with the feeling of having deserved more. ”

Very recently there were barely 4,000 members and today there were almost 21,000 people in the stands: “Seeing the stadium like this is our progress, our growth. That is the best image. The Granada-born heart has been beating stronger than ever and we hope this is a seed and a germ for children. They can say they have lived it. ”

How has the team lived the reception upon arrival at the stadium ?: “The reception has been impressive. Extraordinary. Fascinating. Exciting There are no words. I cannot describe with words the emotions that have made us live today. When we turned the bus to enter the stadium, there were no more people. We thank you. Yes, I go with the thorn not having corresponded with the final. It could not be, I'm sorry, but we have given everything. We can't ask the team for anything else. ”


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