Anniversary of Maradona’s death: “It has been a sad day, but full of emotions and affection towards my old man. The amount of love that they are showing around the world towards him is amazing.”

Last year: “It was a very sad year and you realize how time passes. You have to enjoy every moment of life. It was a sad moment for me.”

I remember: “I would give everything to have him here to chat for 5 minutes with him. Someday we will get together. I talk to him a lot. My son, Diego, names him a lot. I try to talk and for now he doesn’t answer me.”

Legacy: “He left me many things. They were 5 years with him very intense. I had a barbaric relationship with him and what I miss the most is the everyday. Sitting down to watch football, a meal …”

Causes of death: “My old man will have justice. If they had taken good care of him, he had a better chance of being alive than dead.”