the past that Esther Dona wants to silence leads us to characters of different significance, from Máximo Valverde, with whom it seems she had a short adventure when she was in her twenties, to the very Mario Count.

And while the former acknowledges that there was “an affair”, the latter is completely silent and has not the slightest intention of commenting on the subject.

The reality, they say, is that Esther tried to get closer to the former banker, they say she became obsessed with him and looked for formulas, such as the intermediation of common friends, to enter Conde’s group of friends.

It was of no use to him, because Mario did not show the slightest intention of meeting a woman for whom he did not have the best references, in the sense that they made him aware that she was an ambitious person who liked to interact with powerful men. and rich.

Doña was left with the desire to achieve her goals and headed towards another goal, Carlos Falco, and the Marquis of Griñón succumbed to her charms and they ended up married. She is now related to a businessman named Bruno, but a friend of hers assures that the man’s family has already taken it upon himself to persuade him not to fall into the networks of the aristocrat’s widow.