Depay’s lawyer denies that the Atlético footballer paid Alves’ bail


The lawyer Sébastien Ledure denied this Tuesday that his client Memphis Depay, a Dutch footballer from Atlético de Madrid, paid the bail of one million euros imposed on the footballer Dani Alves, so that he can wait in freedom for the appeals against his conviction to be resolved. four and a half years for sexual assault.

“This is ‘fake news’. It is false news, it is not true at all,” Ledure told Telecinco, asking to “correct at an official level” and “on behalf of the Memphis environment” the information about who paid the money for get the Brazilian player out of jail.

Ledure works at Team Depay, the representation agency of the current Atlético de Madrid forward who also played for PSV Eindhoven, Manchester United, Olympique Lyonnais and more recently at FC Barcelona, ​​where he coincided with Alves.

“It is definitely not true. All the news about it is false. Please let all the media correct it,” Ledure repeated in another talk with Infobae Spain. Thus, the lawyer stated that “no one from Dani Alves’s entourage asked Memphis for the financial amount.”