Carmen Borrego’s son separates: José María Almoguera and Paola Olmedo, who became parents nine months ago, no longer live together

Their love has not lasted two years José María Almoguera y Paola Olmedo. The son of Carmen Borrego and her controversial daughter-in-law have ended their relationship, according to the magazine Week. They were dragging on a long crisis that, in the end, they have not been able to overcome. He left the marital home in which he lived with his wife and his son, born only nine months ago. José María himself has assured that there are no third parties in this breakup but close sources reveal that he has begun a close friendship with a woman with whom he has been living for weeks. Others, however, deny it: “He lives with his father and is very affected by what happened.”

From TardeAR They add that the health of the child they have in common has been a point of constant conflict between them and that the relationship, for the child’s sake, is quite cordial at the moment despite everything. The news comes just a month after Carmen Borrego landed in Honduras to participate in the reality show Survivors and they claim that he left without knowing that his son and Paola had separated: “He didn’t know but he won’t be surprised when he finds out.”

José María Almoguera and Paola Olmedo said “I do” on May 14, 2022. A few months later, the conflict broke out between Carmen Borrego and her daughter-in-law over some audios that ‘stolen’ the hairdresser in her own business and in those who cursed his mother-in-law and the rest of the Campos. Borrego, then in Save me, he responded to his son’s wife. The relationship between them broke down and Carmen found out that she was going to become a grandmother thanks to the press.

The death of Maria Teresa Campos, last September, managed to bring them together again and after ironing out differences they began a timid approach with conditions, for example, no press or exclusives. José María’s separation will mean a new beginning in his relationship with his mother, who has suffered greatly these months due to the estrangement of her son and her grandson.