Bathing together in thongs and gayumbos: the beach passion of Alejandra Rubio and Carlo Costanzia

Alejandra Rubiowho turned 24 last Sunday, and Carlo Costanzia, 31 years old, live a love so passionate that sometimes they even forget that they are the children of two very famous celebrities and they let themselves be carried away by passion in public. So much so that, while the controversy over the arrest of Carlo’s brothers in Italy grows, new images of the lovebirds have come to light in which Carlo’s son Sea FlowersHe even appears in gayumbos and she in a thong.

The photographs, published by Ten minuteswere taken last Thursday in Malaga, before the arrival of Terelu Campos for Easter, the most difficult for her due to the death of her mother in September. As seen in the images, Carlo began to take off his clothes while Alejandra laughed in surprise. The niece of Carmen Borrego, surrendered to the charms of her boy, ended up doing the same. They had fun in the water and had a great time.

From these images, it is especially striking that Carlo is not wearing the telematic bracelet that accompanies him due to his problems with Justice. It must be remembered that during the week he spends the night in a social reintegration center in Madrid, where Alejandra has also accompanied him from time to time.

It was something that arose and that they had not in the least planned. So much so that since they didn’t bring a towel, they went to the car wet. It should be noted that this romantic episode occurred before the fight they had this weekend in front of the press. A fight in which Carlo hit the camera and insulted a journalist and which Alejandra justified this Tuesday in This is life: “This journalist did not behave with us. If this has happened it is because we have experienced an unpleasant situation with this person. She provoked us a lot. I don’t want to tell what happened because it’s very ugly.“.

And he added: “She provoked us. She said words she didn’t have to say and she poked where she didn’t have to poke. I told him ‘Wait, stop recording me and we’ll talk’ and I tell him that it’s the first time they’ve disrespected me like that, with the phone in my face. I had never seen her before. It was an unpleasant situation“.

Regarding whether her mother has scolded her after this episode, Alejandra explained: “My mother doesn’t tell me what I have to do. She doesn’t give her opinion. She thinks it’s fine with how I’m leading my life. She hasn’t scolded me or anything. “When this happened, I called her and told her ‘they made me nervous.'”