Del Bosque: “Bernabéu was a benchmark and a moral leader that permeated everyone”

Vicente del Bosque, World and European champion in 2010 and 2012 as Spanish coach, declared this Thursday that Santiago Bernabéu was “a benchmark and a moral leader that permeated everyone” those who knew him and highlighted “generosity” as a key quality to make a team.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

“I have always tried to do my best and give the best tools for us to be a great team, with a social commitment. I always said to my players: you are the example for many kids, you cannot despise it “said Del Bosque, who participated in a virtual meeting with CEU San Pablo University students enrolled in the 'Buddy Program'.

During his talk, the former Spanish soccer coach stressed the need to “take care of the road before achieving victory”.

The 'Buddy Program', which has joined nearly a thousand students, provides guidance and advice to new students to facilitate their academic and social integration.

During this meeting with students, moderated by the dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Communication Sciences, María Solano, Del Bosque valued the function of this program by relating it to the dressing room of a soccer team.

“It is very important to make everyone integrate and convince them that we are a team and that together we will be better. As in soccer, we do not choose people by place of birth or the color of the jersey of their clubs. The player must be generous and we must surround ourselves with knowledgeable and hard-working people, but also with happy people, “he concluded.