Cristiano's return to Manchester United continues to occupy countless hours of football gatherings around the world and countless opinion columns in the newspapers. One of those columnists who has written about the Portuguese star is the former striker and now a commentator Peter crouch. The former English footballer is one of the analysts of the newspaper 'Daily Mail' and in his space He has confessed the bet he has made on the return of Cristiano to the Premier League and his fear after the two goals with which the Portuguese has re-debuted at Old Trafford.


“When he came back, I made a bet with a friend, a Manchester United fan: Mohamed Salah will score more goals than Cristiano Ronaldo this season. But after seeing his debut for Newcastle, I am concerned and fear that my portfolio is in danger… ”, Crouch wrote in his column.

The former English striker also revealed some of the comments that were in the Manchester United dressing room about Cristiano when he first arrived at the English club: “Many years ago, during his first spell at Manchester United, Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney told me that he was saying he was going to be the best in the world. The United players laughed. Showing that confidence at such a young age, without ever having won anything, was outrageous. But getting it has been a remarkable achievement, “said the now columnist.” Rio was one of the people who helped bring him back to Old Trafford, “he added.

Crouch has no qualms about admitting that he feels devotion to Messi, but he also surrenders to Cristiano's voracity: “Messi is a gift from God. The pose, the elegance and everything he does is a genius. But we have reached a point where all the records are being broken by the other man in the conversation.”