Don Juan Carlos enthusiastically faces this invitation to the capital of the Seine from his friend Mario Vargas Llosa. The Peruvian Nobel Prize winner has been kind enough to remember the emeritus, “now that it’s in the doldrums” and has proposed to attend his admission to the French Academy, as has been revealed The country. The emeritus has accepted and confirmed his attendance, the newspaper says. A solemn act, which will take place in Paris on February 9 and which for the father of Philip VI marks his return to the public scene.

Invisible in his self-exile from Abu Dhabi, the former head of state lives in the shadows. With this gesture, the author of The city and the Dogs thanks the emeritus of the Marquis of Vargas Llosa who granted him. It was in February 2011. Don Juan Carlos created the title of nobility to recognize the work and legacy of the Peruvian writer, a Spanish national since 1993. The author of The party of the goat He has had very good words with Don Felipe’s father, of whom he says: “He has always been very affectionate with me”publishes the newspaper in which Llosa collaborates.

In addition, don Juan Carlos will not travel alone to the capital of the neighboring country. He will be accompanied by Infanta Cristina, who has flown to Abu Dhabi so many times to be with her father. For Don Juan Carlos this will be his third public act since his departure to the Emirates in August 2020. Before him he attended two funerals: that of Elizabeth II, in London; and that of Constantine II, in Athens. Both funeral ceremonies were on the official agenda of Casa Real. (Photos below, in Athens on January 16).

King’s House

His visit to Sanxenxo, in May 2022, despite the media dimensions it reached, was private.

Llosa, one of the ‘immortals’, in Paris

The novelist enters the prestigious academy on February 9. In gratitude for this recognition, he launches the essay A barbarian in Paris. A tribute to Gallic literature, “the most daring and the most free,” she says. The Peruvian author thus becomes the first writer to enter the French Academy without having published books in this language (not translated). He will occupy the 18th seat. With his entry, Llosa will join The immortalsas the members of this institution are known, which was founded in 1635 by Cardinal Richelieu to watch over the language.

His vast production includes, among others, Conversation in the cathedral and Pantaleon and the visitors; Lituma in the Andes, Don Rigoberto’s Notebooks y Paradise in the other corner. Nobel in 2010, Vargas Llosa is also the Cervantes Prize, Prince of Asturias and member of the Spanish, Peruvian and, now also, French Academy. He was distinguished with the Legion of Honor in 1985 in France and decorated with the Order El Sol del Perú.