Jorge Jesus, 65 years old and coach of Flamengo (Copa Libertadores champion), tested positive for COVID-19. The Portuguese coach is now awaiting the result of a counter-test, since the first was “weak and inconclusive.” All his players tested negative, while Fla vice president Mauricio Gomes de Mattos had already contracted the coronavirus.

Precisely Jorge Jesus had publicly asked last week that soccer should be stopped. The Flamengo coach, who came to office in 2019 and won Brasileirao and Libertadores, was also very concerned that his friend Mario Veríssimo, 81, was admitted to Lisbon because of the disease. And precisely this very Monday Jorge Jesus received the news of the death of who was, as a masseuse of the team, his partner in Estrela Amadora.

The vice president of Flamengo Gomes de Mattos is hospitalized, with confirmed infection, in Brasilia. Zico, historical idol of the club and who had been in the company of the leader, was subjected to the tests and gave a negative.

The Brazilian Football Confederation announced on Sunday the suspension of its competitions, but left it up to each state to suspend the stadiums, which created great controversy. Flamengo is currently playing the second round of Carioca.