The task that Cornellà is carrying out with its grassroots football is not going unnoticed at a national or international level. Not only is he managing to survive in the shadow of Barcelona and Espanyol but he is treating you to you. The green quarry shines and stands out and hence it is common to see footballers who have grown up at Cornellà in the best leagues in the world. It can boast of having one of the best quarries in Spanish football. This pays off and In the last four years more than 50 players have gone from the green entity to clubs such as Espanyol, Barcelona, ​​Villarreal, Zaragoza, Atlético, Real Madrid, Arsenal and Lazio.

His model is successful and caught the eye of Birmingham in 2018. Then a deal was sealed that included collaborations at the grassroots sports level and the entry of the English club into the shareholding of Cornellà. The intention was to consolidate and strengthen the quarries of both entities and it is being achieved. The exchange becomes more effective at the grassroots level, but there are also transfers in the first team. Without going further, Agus Medina is in the green set on loan from the English entity.

Cornellà Shield / Flag

The ideal would be to live something similar to the agreement between Manchester City and Girona, where some promises from the English club and players they own come to the Catalan team to expand their experience and try to exploit. But in recent years there have been more deals between Catalans and English than those already mentioned because Cornellà's sports director, Andrés Manzano, also became part of the English club's sports structure as an external sports advisor. It is a sign that the Catalan model captivated the leaders of Birmingham, whose team Karanka directs today.

The truth is that Cornellà has been building a splendid future for a long time because despite the fact that has never exceeded the barrier of Second Bhas been knocking on the door of professional football for years. It has three consecutive promotion playoffs to Second (it is the first Catalan team in history to achieve it) and is on the right track. In 2007-08, the first team played in Primera Catalana and is now one of the best teams in Segunda B, where he has chained seven seasons, which are also the only ones in his history in this category.


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