Confirmed our scoop: Juan Carlos I is not coming for Christmas and will celebrate his 85th birthday in Abu Dhabi

We open this Saturday Informalia with this headline: Why Don Juan Carlos does not come home for Christmas and this Sunday we find that the newspaper The country says that indeed the husband of doña sofia He will not come to Spain these holidays “except for last-minute changes”, citing sources in his environment. As we were advancing, this will be the third time that the father of Felipe VI says goodbye to the year away from his country since on August 3, 2020 he left La Zarzuela after communicating by letter to Philip VI his decision to reside abroad.

Except for family visits, such as the infant Elena, that we already announced, or that of his other daughter, grandchildren or friends, Juan Carlos I will be alone in the villa that his generous friend, the Sheikh, gives him in the United Arab Emirates (USA). Mohamed bin Zayed.

He doesn’t come for Christmas even though the father-in-law of the queen letizia He no longer has any outstanding accounts in Spain after the Tax Agency closed in November the inspection that he kept open for the hunts to which he was invited between June 2014, when he abdicated the throne, and 2018. Sources cited by the newspaper Prisa They put the figure paid by the Emeritus at 60,000 euros accepting the sanction imposed and after signing the act of conformity. The agreement is added to others that were patching up the situation so that to regularize his balance with the treasury, Don Juan Carlos paid 678,393 euros first and 4.4 million later.

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These regularizations, together with the immunity that he enjoyed until his abdication, and the lack of evidence in some cases and the prescription in others, led the chief Anti-Corruption Prosecutor, Alejandro Luzón, to order in March the archive of the three investigations into the assets abroad of the king emeritus, who got rid of a lawsuit.

The Geneva Prosecutor’s Office also filed months ago the investigation for the 100 million dollars it received in 2008 from Saudi Arabia. Only the case filed against him by his former lover remains open against Juan Carlos I Corinna Larsen, a civil lawsuit in which Juan Carlos I faces the payment of compensation and in which the father of the current Monarch has won the first battle after recognizing the London court that the defendant enjoyed immunity until his abdication. However, the process continues and the former lover of King Juan Carlos claims to have been threatened; and she maintains that Spanish secret agents raided her apartment in Monaco.

Juan Carlos I turns 85 on January 5

But despite his advanced age, he will have to wait to return and only after the change of the Executive (it is an election year) and if the polls provide a more favorable environment, he will seek a residence outside of La Zarzuela to spend his last years. But if the 85th birthday of King Emeritus is a painful date for him if he has to be away from his family (except for visits), Don Juan Carlos would be much more touched by History by not being present when his granddaughter Leonor swears the Constitution as heir to the throne, an event dated for October 31, 2023, when the Princess of Asturias turns 18, although it has been said that the solemn act will be postponed until the new Parliament is constituted, after the next general elections.

The emeritus communicated by means of a letter to Felipe VI, his intention to “continue residing permanently and stably in Abu Dhabi”, but announced that he would travel “frequently” to Spain. But after a tense meeting with his son in Zarzuela as a result of the controversial trip to Sanxenxo last summer, he has not done it again

Only on the occasion of her cousin’s funeral Queen isabel II He took the Emeritus, as far as we know, from his golden retreat in the Persian Gulf, when the no less commented photo of the former head of state with his wife, Don Felipe and Doña Letizia, was produced, the photo that Zarzuela most wanted to avoid, sharing a bench at Westminster Abbey in September. This Sunday The country confirms our information from this Saturday, assuring that Juan Carlos I will not return for Christmas and goes further by stating that he will not reside in Spain until Pedro Sánchez leaves Moncloa or at least changes this Government.