The girlfriend of Gerard Piqué does not raise head Since Shakira he made her the target of all his darts with the song Session 53the mood of Clara Chia it goes from bad to worse. She has closed her profile on social networks to escape the barrage of criticism and insults that she received and that are now also directed at her parents. The young woman is going through very difficult days and has even had to go to the Quirón clinic in Barcelona suffering from a strong anxiety attack.

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In fact, Clara Chía and Piqué canceled the plans they had organized this weekend and took refuge in the former soccer player’s house in La Cerdanya, according to El Periódico. Last Saturday, both were scheduled to attend the closing of the Oques Grasses tour, one of their favorite musical groups, but they were cancelled. Clara’s mood was not for parties.

Media attention is taking its toll on the 23-year-old, whom Piqué wanted to support publicly last week by sharing their first photo together on social networks. Since the release of Session 53, in which Shakira called her ex’s girlfriend a “bad person”, Clara teleworks from her parents’ house, where she has found refuge in the middle of a storm, and has only gone to the Kosmos headquarters on the days that Piqué was also there . They state that she fears going out into the street, where the people who recognize her mock her and sing her the famous ‘Clara-mente’.