The daughter of Jesulin de Ubrique y Maria Jose Campanario He has had problems with his ex again Brayan Mejiathe young soccer player who received a restraining order as a result of an altercation that occurred on Halloween 2021 outside a nightclub. julia january They have seen faces with him again. Fortunately, everything has been a scare for the young woman.

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“According to the lawyer Zapatero, Brian would have broken the restraining order by showing up at one of Julia’s current couple’s matches,” journalist Lucía Lorden confessed this Monday in it’s already noon.

Next, he has given more details of what happened: “This happens at the end of 2022. Julia goes to see a game of her partner, Tommy Rossi. She does it regularly. The problem is that her ex-partner appears in the stands.” Not everything was there, since at the end of the meeting the young man tried to approach her: “As he left the game he tried to talk to her. The people who go with Julia intervene and there is no contact.”

Jesulín and María José are aware of what happened: “What they tell me is that both she and her family have had a very big scare.” Among all they would have decided to take new measures against him: “Advised by the lawyer, now they have denounced that the restraining order has been broken.”

The young athlete, who is a member of the Navalcarnero Artistic Sports Club, can get into serious trouble after breaking the restraining order: “Until now the judge was deciding whether there would be a trial or not, and with this it is possible that there will be a trial.”

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Julia and Brayan broke up in September 2021 after several weeks immersed in a serious crisis. Andrea Janeiro’s sister recovered the illusion in love with the also footballer Alex Balboa, with whom he starred in an ephemeral courtship. Shortly after her, her current boyfriend came into her life, Tommy Rossistriker for Getafe B, with whom he has been in a relationship for more than a year.