Christian Bragarnik: “We must find an identity, we must believe, we will do it all together again”

The owner of Elche asks the fans to join together to get “many more years” in First Division


The owner of Elche, Christian Bragarnik, asked his fans to “unite” and “redouble efforts” to encourage the team with which they will have to seek permanence in LaLiga Santander, in order to help redirect a bad start to the season which made him responsible, while recalling that the group from Elche has come out of other adverse situations.

“I look back and it seems that so recently everything was so beautiful seeing our club grow, promotion, permanence, playing as equals in any First Division field, carrying out more and more works and projects and getting excited about living a Unforgettable centenary”, he says this Wednesday in a “letter to the fans”, published on the team’s official website.

Bragarnik remembers that not long ago “they were all words of encouragement” and, suddenly, “success turned into failure.” “The same players who gave us those two beautiful stays today seem like a shadow of what we were. Today, on this other difficult day of my life, here I am taking charge of being the maximum responsible for this moment that the club is experiencing,” he points out. .

“It is unnecessary to ask them for an apology for this painful sporting moment that we are experiencing. I hear and read that the planning was bad and that we did not invest the money, or that the signings have not been up to the task and, surely, if we are last in the classification and we haven’t won a single game, many of my decisions have been wrong. Know that the margin to incorporate in this period may change something, but not more than 20% of the squad we have; it will be with them that we go to try to get ahead, whom we must encourage so that we can return to see that team that gave us so much joy”, he adds.

In addition, the Argentine leader explains that he will not accept that “good faith and values” can be discussed with those who make decisions. “Today it seems that someone who was born in the city or has been coming to the stadium for more years has more rights or values ​​than someone who risked, together with those who accompany me, almost all of their assets in a club that only had debts, at the risk of losing everything, like this. its economic history has marked it,” he recalls.

“I am the one who dedicates his time to the club more than to his family and who made every decision, with mistakes and successes, thinking of leaving a mark on this beautiful club and city such as Elche. Elche is a city where I was not born but that I learned to love her both me and my family. Know that despite the pain that I have to go through at this time like most fans, I am stronger than ever and I will continue trying to make the best decisions, “he says.

“Surely I will be able to make mistakes again, but always with the peace of mind of thinking about what is best for our beloved club. Looking back I see that we were able to add 3 more seasons in the First Division of the 24 that the club has had in its 100-year history. We will try and we will not lower our arms to add many more”, he insists, before referring to the immediate future.

And it is that Elche dispensed with Jorge Almirón on Monday, after four games since his arrival to replace Francisco. “In the next few days we will choose the new coach to try to find an identity from which we can feel proud of what our team represents on the field of play,” he explains.

“Beyond winning, I think we must find an identity and that is what we will try to do together with the players who gave us so much joy, all the employees who leave their souls and suffer every day, the fans and the press who are part of this great family whose objective is to continue looking for the Elche Football Club to be bigger and bigger”, he adds.

“I am clear that the only possibility of not achieving what we all want is for the disunity of this great family to prevail. Beyond the fights, the discussions and the natural search for culprits for this sporting present, if we are united our chances of reach permanence will remain intact. I invite you to redouble your efforts, to use your palms and your throat even more, to shout as much as we can in the stands. Your breath is the blood of this club”, he insists.

“We must believe because we have already found ourselves in similar situations before and we have achieved it and I have no doubt that we will do it again if we are all together, as a great family, united to celebrate the Centenary of this beloved club in the First Division”, he concludes. .