Rocío Flores says that she broke her face for Olga Moreno and that she has not been generous

We had a long time without seeing Dew Flowers, in fact, the last information that had come out is that he was still negotiating his contract in Ana Rosa’s program, but the truth is that we know nothing about his return or not to the television sets. The young woman has disappeared from the media focus, focusing on her studies and it seems that at the moment, she does not want to know anything about all the controversies that continue to be served in her environment.

We have spoken with Antonio’s daughter David Flowers y Rocio Carrasco and he has confessed to us that his return to Madrid has a reason, to be with his aunt Glory Camilla: “Support each other and hope that it is a very complicated process, but well, I think with help and with enthusiasm and desire”. And it is that the daughter of the right-hander is going through one of the worst moments of her life after the departure of Nightmare in Paradise and now you need the warmth of your loved ones.

Rocío has also told us about the time she has been away from the media and has revealed to us why she made this decision. Apparently Rocío Jurado’s granddaughter wants “to be calm. The truth is that I could not define how I feel and how I have been feeling right now,” she says.

As for the criticism he has received after his estrangement with Olga Moreno, Rocío is very forceful: “If someone has literally broken his face for her, for a year and a half, both publicly and privately, it has been me,” he answers. “The people who have been questioning me I think they have been ungenerous but nothing happens,” she concludes.