Chenoa’s fatigue when asked about Miguel Sánchez Encinas: “Say what you want”

Although Chenoa is in one of her best professional moments after debuting as presenter of the new edition of OT 2023, in his personal life things are not working well. The singer has generated a stir in the gossip press and in the social chronicle due to the information related to her ‘temporary’ separation from the urologist. Miguel Sánchez Encinasas well as the never-ending tale of his past with David Bisbal.

The artist does not usually delve into topics related to her personal life, but it is not common for her to get angry at the media. However, she showed how fed up she was this Wednesday night, when she arrived in Madrid from a train from Barcelona.

The interpreter of When you go She responded with a tone of indignation to the questions that a fellow reporter asked her about her love life and her desire to be a mother: “I’m not going to answer you here, in the middle of the street, and much less about these things”.

It must be remembered that Chenoa already clarified that the separation, after a year and a half of marriage, is temporary for the moment. At the reporter’s insistence, the presenter gave a forceful sentence: “I’ll pass, I’m not going to answer you, nor will I deny it to you. I don’t care, say what you want. I’ve asked for respect and tranquility, but you don’t care, I’ll pass.”