From Lara Dibildos to Raphael and Rocío Carrasco: Terelu and Carmen bring together the friends of María Teresa Campos in a new tribute

The family of Maria Teresa Campos This Wednesday night he celebrated a new tribute to remember her. The veteran presenter died last September at the age of 82, and since then many faces in Spanish society have missed her. This was confirmed at this event, attended by various personalities from the world of culture and the social chronicle of our country.

Terelu Campos, Carmen Borrego y Alejandra Rubio They met again in Madrid to receive the support of great friends of the journalist, such as the singer Raphael. Along with him, other names from the world of culture also joined the tribute, such as the musician Pablo Lopez o Los Javis, the tandem composed of Javier Calvo y Javier Ambrossi.

Likewise, the Campos also thanked the presence of friends such as Rocio Carrasco, Lara Dibildos o Eugenia Martínez de Irujo. Among the colleagues who attended the ceremony were the former director of Save meRaúl Prieto, and the journalists Isabel Rabago y Jose Manuel Parada.

Terelu reunited with her ex-husband and the father of her daughter, Alejandro Rubio, who was friendly and smiling with those present. And she didn’t miss the appointment either. Gustavo, the presenter’s driver and intimate. Three weeks ago he was disciplinaryly expelled from VIP Big Brotherwhich allowed him to appear this Wednesday at the tribute.

However, this will not be the only gesture with which the family honors the communicator. Terelu and Carmen are still immersed in the preparations for the show with which They will honor his mother on TVE after being discarded by Telecinco.

TVE will also fire the presenter

“Thanks to TVE for trusting that this tribute may be of interest to the public that has followed María Teresa Campos for so many years. I hope it has the audience that she deserves and that people enjoy it and remember it sentimentally towards a woman whose life has been entertainment, information, journalism, entertainment, integrity and honesty,” the first-born daughter recently expressed. the journalist.

Tributes like the one this Wednesday in Madrid, as well as the one that is about to hit the small screen, are a relief for María Teresa’s daughters, since since the presenter’s death they have had to face some unpleasant episodes, such as crossing of accusations that they maintain with the comedian Arrocet Mustache, ex-boyfriend of the communicator. “María Teresa spent a lot and her hands were very open,” the comedian even told Informalia.