María Patiño, overwhelmed after Jorge Javier’s words: “He had a very bad time and I see that he is him again”

Jorge Javier Vazquezthrough a letter, he examined with a magnifying glass those who were his companions Save me for more than a decade. Terelu Campos She already responded after the presenter called her a “grumpy diva” and now it’s her turn to Maria Patinofor whom the one from Badalona only had words of praise.

“I am moved when he tells me that he wants to hug me. He is very sensitive, it is difficult for him to express. I love him very much. He has had a very bad time and I see that he is back to being him. He mourned and made his decision, he is very long-suffering,” he said. expressed by the presenter of Socialite to the magazine Readings.

Likewise, Patiño recalled how difficult the last broadcast of Badalona was for him. Save me. “I thought he was going to come, but it was very painful for him. I know that he has always loved me, but sometimes because he loved me it has been harder. He told me that he felt very proud of me,” said the journalist. It must be remembered that the presenter left the program in May, about a month before its last broadcast due to medical prescription. In September he returned to Telecinco with Chinese stories but his program was only on the grid for three weeks due to the disastrous audience results.

Jorge Javier’s words to María Patiño

After countless days working together, Jorge Javier has a formed opinion of the presenter as well. Although in the spotlight they revealed certain scuffles, the writer stated that María is a professional with overwhelming confidence. “With this reality show she has jumped into the pool without knowing if she was full and she generously shares that part of her personality that we only know about her close to her. It is a joy to see her in Every man for himself”, he pointed.

Continuing with the compliments towards his partner, the communicator finished the writing by assuring: “She is ready to be eaten, to be taken home forever. It makes you want to hug her at all hours and tell her not to worry, that everything will be fine, that the bad guys don’t They always win, they deserve all the good things that have happened to them, happen to them and will continue to happen to them. When María cries, the child inside us takes her side to encourage her to continue. Go ahead, María. Don’t stop dreaming. And we, always with you.”