Chelsea – Bayern (0-3): The 'Huracn Bayern' sweeps Stamford Bridge | Champions League 2019



The German team sweeps Chelsea with goals from Gnabry (2) and Lewandowski and leaves the tie.

Lewandowski beats Caballero and scores Bayern's third goal.

As if it had not happened in Stamford Bridge but in Ascot, Bayern chose to ride as a way to remind Europe that pedigree and history still count and that a list of European Cup candidates is not acceptable without their presence. The German team cut the wind and knocked down a Chelsea curled up in its little straw house, imploring the end of the German storm without success. And perhaps the worst is yet to come for those of Frank LampardWell, there is no way to imagine a scenario in Mnich that can sweeten the embarrassment suffered.(Narration and statistics (0-3))

It was the night of Robert Lewandowski, that of Serge Gnabry, that 19 year old Canadian pearl that responds to the name of Alphonso Davies. It was Bayern in its purest form: sharp, vertical, blunt in the two areas … Madur the duel in the first half and he burst in the second with an exhibition of football as (an) has not been seen in these eighths. A festival that positions him as a serious aspirant to inherit the crown of Liverpool. Because his superiority was expected in front of this grotesque and penitent Chelsea, but not such a prodigious performance at Stamford Bridge.

The mournful Lampard had traced the eleven that the weekend had served to defeat the Tottenham after a long time of anxiety. It was actually a desperate experiment, but it worked out well, so it was reasonable to repeat it last night. It happens that, right now, the depressive Tottenham and the team of Hansi Flick They have little to do with each other.

Fang in the pressure

That resulted in Lampard's plan being as fruitless as it was reckless. Always very broken, Chelsea was unable to control the ball in his field and that stubbornness caused him to lose it in areas of maximum danger against a Bayern with a lot of fang in the pressure after loss and with the ability to alternate with short and long passes in the same harmony. positional attack.

For his football, he deserved much more Bayern in the first half, but his inability in the definition – including a header to the crossbar of Thomas Mller, the best on that stretch- and a couple of good deeds of Willy Knight they kept intact the initial 0-0. I couldn't take it much longer, since Bayern immediately opened the right goal tap.

Rendered to the evidence

In three minutes, from 51 to 54, Lewandowski and Gnabry unmasked Chelsea mercilessly. On both occasions, the Polish contained his killer instinct to act as an assistant to his partner, as precise in the germ of the plays as in the subsequent definitions at the door.

The final sentence came later in a Davies ride that gave the third to Lewandowski, great star of the night with a goal and two assists. And the result could have been more scandalous if the referee and the VAR had not ignored a clamorous penalty by the hand of Andreas Christensen. Chelsea ended up insane, with Marcos Alonso expelled by an elbow, and surrendered to the evidence that a world of this Bayern is far from happy to see football.

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