Real Madrid – Manchester City (1-2): Sergio Ramos, from compliment to arbitration anger | Champions League 2019

Real Madrid – Manchester City (1-2)



After applauding the style of the Champions, he claimed a foul in the 1-1 and then was expelled.

Gabriel Jess plays behind Ramos before finishing the goal.

The Bernabu left sad, not knowing very well what had happened in the last minutes to suffer such a skid. From victory to defeat. From always tasty 1-0 in the European qualifiers to the terrible 1-2. Whites seem to have lost the spell in their favorite tournament. Now he has to play the mash in Manchester in three weeks, if he wants to enter the rooms. But first he has another vital mission in the League: not losing Sunday in the classic.

In the first 15 minutes, both teams may have been without a goalkeeper. As two sumo wrestlers, nightmares both teams. Pure tacticism, a tostn. The public climbed his coat -replied the winter in the capital- and looked sideways at the seat neighbors who opted to go to football with an anti-coronavirus mask. An Asian, in the second amphitheater, took it off every two times to smoke. Better to wait for the pandemic with mild nerves. The white scarf almost falls out of fright on the first great occasion of the visitors. Gabriel Jess, the striker who a moment before was covering the climbs of Carvajal, he found himself alone in the Real Madrid area, with time to suck.

The Belgian's good stop eased Zidane and despair to Guardiola, just the opposite of what happened a while later. The bounce of the great header of Benzema, chopped and against foot, I fall at the feet of Vinicius, door cow. The Bernabu had the goal in the throat, but the Brazilian did not. It tripped or slipped, without being clear about the mischief that avoided the local advantage. The Champions League is not the ideal land to be forgiving opportunities, especially if they are scarce, as was the case. Nor is it to fail almost all passes, the mana that took Carvajal in the first part, or to grab or make mistakes with the lightness of Rodri, who was forgiven by the yellow team. Bouquets He had applauded in the previous European arbitration philosophy, but his fans didn't seem to like laziness with the whistle of the Italian judge. The keep going It was his law almost always.

Without Kroos

The amazing eleven of Zidane, without Kroos at the controls, the guy endured, but far from intimidating the City. Madrid is not too much in excess, but it accumulates much more work Courtois, about to be beaten on the edge of rest. His defense was close to putting a shot that went outside. In the slate game with Guardiola, the French technician searches for speed per band, with Vinicius, to dismantle the rival behind. And in the core, he preferred the possession of Isco Y Modric to the most fluid touch of Kroos. It is hard to imagine how the German substitution would sit, untouchable on the big nights of the past few years. He only fell from the starting team in Paris, in the second round of 2018, after winning 3-1 of his in the first leg. Before the Atletico, in the last league derby, he was replaced at rest.

Zidane seemed to smile at her plan in the second part, after having a hard time just after returning from the locker room. Isco, precisely, one of his trusted boys, resolved in the area as if it were the battering ram that Madrid so often loves. The assistance was pointed Vinicius, fine in the left. Guardiola put his hands to his face, desperate, continuing his classic gesture show. He almost jumps to the field to ask for the second yellow for a cut with the Croatian's shoulder. As it happened on his last visit to Bernabu, with Bayern, he looks down on the scoreboard despite having ruled the game. This time, however, his team was able to react in the final minutes, leaving the tie on track.

In just five minutes, From Bruyne Revent the defense of Real Madrid, with an assist and a penalty goal. In 1-1, Gabriel Jess played behind Ramos, who asked for a foul, but Orsato I did not go to the VAR. At the moment, he was expelled after a foul on the front of the area about the Brazilian, who was leaving alone. His arbitration-style compliments spent on the Champions had a cruel response.

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