Champions: A harmless Juventus stumbles in Lyon | Champions League 2019



Tousart gives the French the advantage over an opponent who doesn't even knock on the door. Cristiano, dry after 12 straight matches

Cristiano Ronaldo, on the grass after the defeat.

Do not shoot Juventus in the whole game and so, of course, it is very difficult to extract something of benefit. Although the opponent is a team come less like this Olympique Lyonnais than before the visit of Cristiano and compaya optimized his resources to put the tie in his favor. He has a very hard test in Turn in three weeks to sneak into the top eight in Europe, but not only go to Piedmont alive but with an advantage thanks to Tousart's lonely goal, something that few would have foreshadowed before the match.

The result penalized the inability of the youth team to generate football with some sense. Although he arranged the center of the most talented field he could prune, Sarri He failed to feed his strikers, especially a Christian who battled but barely disturbed the French defense. The French cadre seemed much more worked and determined, aware of their shortcomings to squeeze their virtues and then resist in 10 final minutes of fruitless Juventine storm.

And as news as the result was the end of the great run of Christian. The Portuguese came to this game after 12 straight scoring goals, for a total of 18 goals in this section, shutting up as many mouths. He had scored only six in his first 15 games of the season encouraging classics as he is old, he is no longer what he was and of course how well Madrid did selling him on time. Since December he has been the same as always, although last night Lyon denied him glory.

An outcome that the game, with hardly any twists, was gradually shaping up. The initial minutes of scoring, with dominance without history by Juventus, ended when Lyon got its greatest organization and intensity prevailed in the meeting. Increasingly incisive, the French team managed to open the scoreboard while Juve played with 10, since From Ligt He was being taken care of by a spectacular gap in the head. From a throw-in, Aouar gambete on the left side and sent the ball to the area so that Tousart riveted it coming from behind.

Feeling harmless

That happened at the average time of the game and thereafter the team of Rudi Garcia I kept growing and gripping his powerful rival. He enjoyed three other good scoring opportunities before the break, while Juve went to the locker room with the well-founded feeling of being harmless. His inability to connect the center of the field and the attack was an obstacle to the goal too important.

With the passing of the minutes, Lyon began to be content with the button obtained so far, focusing more on its defensive strength than on its dynamism in the attack moves. Meanwhile, Sarri was looking at Ramsey and Higuan the answers that his headlines were not giving him. In part I found them. The final 10 minutes were of continuous harassment of Juventus but, written remains, without a single shot on goal. And so, of course, it is very difficult.

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