We know who wins the Bake Off final: Rocío Carrasco, Ana Boyer, Alba Carrillo and Blas Cantó play it

After many weeks of waiting, finally, this Wednesday we will know who wins the baking contest that Spanish Television bet on, Bake Off, famous baked. Ana Boyer, Rocío Carrasco, Alba Carrillo and Blas Cantó They compete for the podium. But Informalia He sneaked into the recordings and thanks to that we were able to find out who won the award.

Isabel Preysler’s daughter stood out in the kitchen from the first week. Perhaps with the help of her sister Tamara Falcó, who, a few years ago, also won the MasterChef, where he found his true profession. The wife of tennis player Fernando Verdasco handles herself well in the kitchen and has shown that she makes an effort and has the skills to wear an apron. This has aroused more than a little suspicion among her colleagues because they have seen her as a great rival to beat. The only daughter they had who was Minister of Economy, Finance and Commerce during the first Government of Felipe González and the queen of hearts has managed to unseat them all and obtain the unanimous vote of the members of the jury.

We must remember that Ana Boyer, who turns 35 in two weeks, recorded the entire contest pregnant with her third child. A baby who will be born this spring and who will complete the large family she has created with the tennis player Fernando Verdasco. Ana lives with the athlete and her two children, Miguel, six years old, and Mateo, four years old, in Doha. Although she travels a lot to Spain to see her mother and her sister Tamara, with whom she maintains a close relationship. On her visits to our country, where she also comes for some fashion work (she is the image of several clothing brands), the little girl of the Filipino socialite settles in the house in Puerta de Hierro that her parents built as soon as they got married and where she still Isabel resides. This mansion is the meeting center of the clan every time one is in Madrid. Chabeli, Julio José or Tamara also use it when it suits them. Isabel really enjoys having her children close to her and, of course, her grandchildren, for whom she feels a real weakness.

Ana was once Isabel’s least media-worthy daughter because, although many considered her her successor, finally Tamara Falcó, Marchioness of Griñón, has been the one who has stood out the most among Isabel’s offspring, the result of her relationships with three different husbands: Julio Iglesias, Carlos Falcó and Miguel Boyer. In a way, it was surprising that Ana accepted Spanish Television and the production company Boxfish to make this reality culinary that has finally managed to win. During the weeks that the format has lasted, Ana has put aside her shyness and has demonstrated her good sense of humor and her experience between the cameras. Furthermore, she has made good friends among her competitors such as Pablo Puyol or Patxi. In fact, he even joked about calling his third child both names: “I’m thinking about it,” he told them.

Ana Boyer is not the only Preysler who is immersed in television projects. Apart from the usual appearances of Tamara Falcó with Pablo Motos in The Anthill, The two older brothers, Julio José and Chábeli, are already recording a new format that will be broadcast soon on the first channel of the Public Corporation and in which both go to famous houses to get the most out of them with a renovation and in the process they will interview. On the guest list, two well-known people, Fernando Verdasco and Ana Boyer. In addition, they will also go to Arantxa Sánchez-Vicario, Cuban singer Gloria Stefan, Luis Fonsi, Ana Obregon and Omar Montes.